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Your Safety Matters

We screen our GymSuite hosts so every home gym meets our standard. We have your back, even when we aren’t there.

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Privacy is Pivotal

GymSuite hosts will prepare your space and provide everything you need, so you can exercise in private, and at peace.

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At Your Convenience

You can find an open GymSuite in most metropolitan areas, and schedule a workout on your own or with friends.


If you have a home gym, you’re halfway there. Our GymSuite guides will help you create the perfect space for your customers, so everyone can walk away happy.

Did you know that the average GymSuite operator makes more than $700 a month?

→ How do I become a member of a gym?

After you have searched and found a gym that you would like to book, select that gym’s pricing model that best fits your needs (ex. session pass, week pass or monthly membership). Now that you have purchased a plan from that gym you are now a member. Please remember to follow each gyms’ rules and booking policies for an enjoyable experience on both ends.

→ How do I become a gym host?

On the top right corner of the landing page please select the “Host a Gym” button. Follow the steps outlined during the process. Once you have completed the process you will be able to access your gym host dashboard. Expect a GymSuite representative to reach out and validate your gym.

→ Why choose GymSuite?

Every gym is great and unique in their own way. While commercial gyms may offer a wide variety of equipment, they will never offer the privacy that a GymSuite can give you. For those who just need a little bit of open space and some form of resistance training, GymSuite is an excellent option. Gyms can be socially overwhelming between having to worry about what you’re wearing, who is watching you, sharing/waiting for equipment and all around judgment. GymSuite takes the social aspect of the gym out, so that you can focus on your health and fitness goals.

→ Is it safe to visit during COVID-19?

We require our gym hosts to create a system that guarantees proper sanitation in between reservations. Gym hosts may clean the gym themselves or require their members to sanitize after their session.
We find that GymSuite is the safest alternative to gyms because members stay socially distant from one another.
COVID-19 is known to spread within public gathering however the GymSuite experience is private setting.

Still have questions? Always feel free to reach out to our GymSuite guides for more info here.

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